Thursday, September 30, 2010


The Fashionistas

Inspired by Patricia Anders art work in the article titled Happy Birthday Barbie featured in the Spring 2010 issue of Art Doll Quarterly. I thought a lot about re-purposing Barbies and with a liberal donation of less than perfect specimens from my niece; I set to work.
I first removed the original head and replaced it with a styrofoam ball. I then sculpted the new heads on to the ball using PaperClay.
The first made was Debbie Hammerhead. Coincidentally, only after completing the head did I notice that her left hand had been gnawed on by one of sister’s family pets. This prompted the title for this doll as “Debbie Don’t Chew Your Nails” as it turns out a very destructive habit for a hammerhead. Debbie, the group would agree has the cutest figure but she is more than a little clumsy. She is also very absentminded and a self-confessed airhead, but also very loveable. Her undergarments are a tan and leopard print bodice and purple tights (tissue paper). Her skirt is blue tulle with an Italian glass bead flower trim (just plain bead trim) paired with a silver lamé top. Debbie’s ensemble is paired with turquoise platform shoes- less likely to take a spill in those than stilettos. 125.00

Next, I made Alexis Rex. This doll was stockier and more sportier built than a traditional Barbie and seemed better equipped to support a dinosaur head. Alexis is a budding fashion designer and all her friends are outfitted in her creations. Her father is an importer and Alexis has access to wonderful exotic fabrics, laces, and beads. She is the hub of her group of friends, very energetic and creative. Her ensemble includes magenta tights with silk trim, black leather skirt with silk belt, mohair sweater, and twinkling athletic-type shoes adorned with diamonds and amethysts. 125.00

Jackie L. loves all things Gothic. She is the funniest of the group. She is always making people laugh and is the life of every party. She finds it extremely amusing to wear a monster glove with an embedded emerald, also designed by Alexis (Actually, Jackie was missing her whole left hand!). Invitations to all types of events flood Jackie’s email, mail, and voice-mail; she is an essential member to any guest list. Her bodice is black lace and tights of French toile and black tights (all tissue paper). Jackie is wearing a black tulle skirt with an orange sparkle underskirt. Her cropped top is Spanish lace adorned with sequins. Her outfit is accented with a pair of lavender platform shoes embellished with amethysts, a lavender purse, and a witchy backpack. 125.00

Birdie Warbler is a dancer, nimble and graceful. She is the smart one of the group and when she is not performing, she is reading. Birdie has aspirations of becoming a college professor at an ivy-league university. Seen here she is off to do a little bird watching on the outskirts of Paris. Birdie’s undergarments are a pink bodice and multicolored tights. She wears a pink feather skirt and vintage lace bustier paired with leather flats. Her hat, a black velveteen riding hat with a black tulle train was also designed my Alexis and fits Birdie’s personality and charm.125.00

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